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Vietnam Memorial Wall replica comes to Long Island
Replica on display in West Islip through Sunday; watch video
There was a unexpected silence as students from West Islip walked through the Dignity Memorial...
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Amityville welcomes Babylon firefighters in parade; watch video
Other events keep Village busy all weekend
It was a busy weekend in Amityville as the ...
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Ten-alarm blaze in Amityville; arson suspected
Watch video online
By Carolyn James Fri., Sept. 3: A blazing fire demolished buildings at the northeast corner of Merrick Road and Route 110 in Amityville this morning. Officials said they suspect that the fire was intentionally set and are investigating.
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Today's post: Aug. 12: Tougher DWI law takes effect Suday
Watch video of press conference held today!
By Carolyn James On Sunday, the latest weapon against drunk drivers—a law requiring ignition interlock systems on vehicles owned by drivers convicted of drunk driving—goes into effect.
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Babylon Welcomes its Wounded Warriors
Babylo- nians from every corner of the Town welcomed the Wounded Warriors Fri., July 23. They sent them off from Babylon Town Hall where the Warrior Ride began with a rousing Patriotic ceremony, waved flags, and shouted “thank you.”
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Smooth sailing along Great South Bay in Amityville
Taxes may be high, traffic unbearable and the weather kind of iffy, but living on Long Island does have its benefits. Sailing on the Great South Bay is one of them.
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Waves of Hope come ashore in Amityville
Video of event included here!
Waves of Hope hit Amityville's shoreline Mon., July 12. More than 50 swimmers dove into the Bay at the Narrasketuck Yacht Club and swam for two miles to Amityville Village Beach; all to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes.
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Salute to the graduates of 2010
View photo video of the Amityville High School Commencement
Today's posting, July 16-AMHS graduation commencement...
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Fireworks, parade, friendship connect the Amityville community for Independence Day
Watch photo video of the events
Herman Melville talked about communities and connection saying, "We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men."
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A Trolley Ride Through Babylon's History
Babylon Town’s history now has a home. It’s located in Old Town Hall and it documents the people and the politics of the past in a modern setting that utilizes the latest technology.

Suffolk County Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool
The Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool