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2006-05-25 / Columnists

Pets of the Week

Pebbles Pebbles Abraham picked up the other two kittens and now had all three in his lap. He stroked their fur and quietly told them, "Kitties, thank God you are cats, and can't understand this terrible strife that is going on." The Chief Executive continued, "Poor little creatures, don't cry; you'll be taken good care of."

He looked toward Colonel Bowers of Grant's staff and said, "Colonel, I hope you will see that these poor little motherless waifs are given plenty of milk and treated kindly." Bowers promised that

"Sudsing It Up For Rescue"pet bath-a-thonand yard sale at Cozy Pet, Deer Park Ave., N. BabylonWed. May 31 from 9 to 9. All proceeds benefit shelter dogs. Call 669-2099 for an appt.

Last Hope's Annual Dog Walk & Fun Night, Wantagh ParkSat. June 3, at 4 PM. $20 registration for 1 dog and handler, $5 additional per dog. Pet care booths and BBQ. Call 516-4863158 or 631-205-5069 for pledge sheets or more info.

Snaggle Tooth Snaggle Tooth

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