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2018-06-06 / Front Page

Draft EIS for new TOD zone on tap tonite at Amityville Village Board meeting

by Carolyn James

Tonight, the Amityville Village Board is expected to approve the generic Draft Environmental Statement (EIS), related to the proposed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zone currently under review.

If approved, the board must wait ten days, and will then be able to move forward, if they choose to, with approving the final EIS, the new TOD zoning code and the application of GreenTek to rezone a parcel of property under that new zoning code.

Approving the new zoning code and GreekTek’s application is not expected to come before the board prior to the June 25 meeting, at the earliest, however.

The location under the new zoning is an industrially zoned parcel, which housed LandTek at 124 Greene Avenue and 235 County Line Road. The developer is R&S Realty Corp., Michael and Ed Ryan of Amityville are looking to construct a 115, upscale apartment complex there.

The site will have 138 parking spaces, 1.2 for every unit, which include 38 studio, 65 one-bedroom and two, two-bedroom units. Rents on the units are expected to be upwards of $2,000 on the 56-square-foot studios, upwards of $2,200 on the one-bedroom and upwards of $2,600 on the two-bedroom units. This does not include utilities but does include all of the other amenities the complex offers, including a full gym.

The developer has applied for IDA bonding and set aside 10 percent of the units for affordable housing for qualified residents who make at least $54,000 a year in income.

Some of those “enhancements” include a commitment from the developers for a contribution to the Village of $3,000 a month for 20 years; funding to put in a pedestrian connection between the downtown and train station at a cost of $15,000, as well as a $25,000 contribution to the fire department, a $50,000 contribution for the maintenance of the 9/11 Memorial. Plans also call for the renovation of the 19th century power building across from the site at a cost of $100,000.

 Also expected to come before the board on Monday is a review of the Village’s storm water and drainage plan by Nelson & Pope, engineers. That is the first part of a twofold plan that will include a prioritized road-paving program to follow. The engineers will make a presentation to the board and public.

 Finally, the board is expected to finalize a 25-year deal for the cell tower at the Amityville main firehouse. The deal will give the Village a lump sum payment of $25,000 and then an increase of 3.5 percent a year over the current lease for the next 25 years, beginning in 2020.

 The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m., third floor, Walter Saxton Court Room, Village Hall, 21 Ireland Pl., Amityville.


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