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April 11, 2018 RSS feed / Opinion

Police crackdown underway on texting while driving


For too many people, cell phones have become an extension of their personalities. They have, all too often, taken the place of human interaction. But for some, the need to be in constant contact with their cell phones has become deadly. More...

Readers say cartoon dismissive of thoughtful young people

Dear Editor:  The cartoon was neither funny, clever or necessary. Eastwood and the Beacon can do better than that in choosing political commentary.  Barbara Scherg,, Babylon   More...

Amityville Kiwanis responds to accusations made in Mayor’s Social story, April 4th edition

Dear Editor:  First, thank you to the Amityville Record which has been a huge supporter of the Kiwanis Club of Amityville over many, many years.  More...

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