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2014-06-18 / Front Page

Amityville Village Board discussing proposal to limit bamboo

by Carolyn James

Monday, June 23: The Amityville Village Board held a work session this morning and discussed, among other things, consideration of a law to limit the growth and proliferation of bamboo. The board is expected to set a hearing on the proposed code for July 14 meeting when the board holds its regular meeting tonight and Mayor James P. Wandell said he hopes to have a “discussion with the board and the community,” on the subject.

Many Villages and Towns, including Babylon, Lindenhurst and Massapequa Park villages have already placed some variation of these laws on their books, as has the Town of Babylon and Oyster Bay.

Bamboo is considered a symbol of friendship in India, but its invasive qualities and the difficulties associated with limiting its proliferation have made it a somewhat unwelcome plant in many communities.

Most of the existing codes do not require property owners who remove the plant on their property to remove it, but they do hold them responsible to ensuring that it does not extend on to neighboring properties.

Bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, spreads by underground rhizomes, popping up in unlikely places such as in driveways and through garage floors and often costing homeowners thousands of dollars in damage or removal fees.

Babylon Town’s law, which was passed last year, requires the use of barriers or vessels designed to completely prevent the spread or growth of bamboo roots beyond the container. Additionally, the root system of the plant has to be contained according to specifications of the Town’s Planning department, and plants must be no closer than ten feet from any property line.

In the event the plant invades an adjoining property, the owner is responsible for removal of the bamboo under the law. Failure to comply upon official notification by the town could result in fines up to $500 per violation.

In other business, the Village

•heard an update from representatives of Brunswick Hospital and discussed certain proposals for the site, which is coming up for a rezoning July 14. At this point the CVS proposal is back on the drawing board, together with construction of assisted living units. The Board asked the owners that if and when the Village approves the rezoning that it consider a comprehensive plan for the entire site incorporating other ideas such as corporate center.

•heard from resident Michelle Ryan who is chairwoman of the committee for the beach. Ryan told the board that an additional piece of equipment for the playground to accommodate older children is being put in and that the beach is on schedule to open June 28.

In addition, she reported that the regular events scheduled for the summer are well underway. A volleyball team for juniors is full and the adult League, held on Wednesday nights is also full. Ninety percent of those registered are residents, said Ryan.

Also on tap is a First Tee clinic being offered on Tuesday mornings for youngsters 6-14 years of age. It is PGA run and offers six weeks of sessions at a total cost of $65. Openings are still available and residents can go to  for more information.  


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