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November 27, 2013 RSS feed / Schools/Sports

Copiague School to participate in NYSCAME/SCMEA

Nine students from Copiague School participated at the NYSCAME/SCMEA All-County Festival this year on Nov. 22 at Hauppauge High School. More...

St. Martin of Tours student government inducted

On Thurs., Oct. 3, Amityville’s St. Martin of Tours School inducted the 2013-2014 student government. More...

Copiague H.S. Hall of Achievement honors inductees

In an effort to recognize graduates of Copiague High School who have succeeded in their careers and lives, as well as those who have distinguished themselves by virtue of their contributions to community and society, the Board of Education created th More...

Varsity tennis players congratulated for awards

The athletic department at Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School congratulated varsity tennis players Camille David, Isabelle Dusaneko, Janiece Morgan and Jennifer Ruiz for the awards they received at the All-County dinner. More...


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