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2013-10-23 / Columnists

Hot Laps

by Michael Perricone

2013 Modified Champ Howie Brode 2013 Modified Champ Howie Brode And, here are the 2013 annual Perricone Riverhead Raceway Awards.

In modifieds, the Champ was Howie Brodie. Most consistent Timmy Solomito and the #15 crew. Hard luck driver was David Roys. He always seemed to be stuck in somebody’s mess or snake bit with a flat tire at the most competitive times. Driver most in need of nose clips and rear ends had to be Dave Brigati. He lost three nose clips and a rear end in 2013.

Blunderbust Champion Scott Malazewski. Snake Bit driver: Jack Hanley Jr. This talented youngster got many wins and could have been in line for others if not for his stroke of bad luck at Tech Inspection.

Late Model Champion: Jeremy McDermott offthe Schnide Award: Kevin Metzger. The Massapequa resident earned two victories in the space after a much longer absence from victory lane than he would have liked.

Riverhead Raceway 1797 Old Country Road Riverhead, NY 11901 631.842.RACE (7223) Riverhead Raceway 1797 Old Country Road Riverhead, NY 11901 631.842.RACE (7223) Charger Champion: Eric Zeh

Legend Champion Brendon Bock

Hard Luck Driver Tie, Jeffrey Goodale and Kyle Elwood. Goodale was spinning, going into the wall or otherwise having trouble keeping his vehicle straight in 2013. Elwood was the division leader for much of the season, but in the last few weeks suffered malfunctions and even a fire that took him out of Championship contention.

Figure 8 Champion: Kenny Hyde Jr. The what a difference a year can make award: Owner Debbie Anderson and Mike Mujsce of Mujsce racing. This team was champion in 2012, but couldn’t get their cars rite in 2013 until the final week of the season. They had to contend with suspensions, wrecks and all other matters of mechanical failure. The most important win that didn’t lead to a championship: Roger Maynor, who won his 110th career victory in 2013.

Super Pro Truck Champ: Frank Dumicich Jr.

FROM THE PIT S: I would like to thank a few people for there help during the 2013 season. Ms. Annmarie Trinca for seeing that I was ready for the weekly trip to the track; Walton Graham for his transportation home each week and Christine Rickert for her help every week at the signin shack.

Based on how the 2013 season ended, I can hardly wait to see what 2014 brings at Riverhead Raceway.

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