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2013-10-02 / Columnists

Mayor’s Corner

•This is the first of future columns written to keep you—the resident, taxpayer and stakeholder— informed of recent developments in your Village government. And, while it’s called the Mayor’s Corner, our trustees will write it on occasion.

Village Board meetings are held at Village Hall, 21 Ireland Pl., at scheduled intervals at least once a month and frequently twice a month. Hopefully, this column will serve to fill you in between meetings.

•A new Local Law establishing term limits for elected officials has been proposed and is being discussed at the Oct. 7 meeting. Aah, term limits—such a juicy topic passionately debated pro and con!

Historically, term limits date back to ancient Greece—both Athens and Sparta rotated their government councils regularly. Currently, 15 state legislatures have term limits as well as several cities (e.g. New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia).

Locally the Village of Bellport recently enacted term limits and the Village of Brightwaters is exploring the possibility.

The arguments for term limits involve increased participation in government resulting in an infusion of new ideas into the political and governing process. Thus, the incumbency advantage is eliminated, limiting entrenched interests and political careerism. Opponents of term limits point out that the forced termination of experienced capable officials could be detrimental to local government. Term limits can remove popular leaders.

Either way, this issue will be the subject of lively debate at this coming meeting and the next. Please attend and express your opinion. The next meeting is Oct. 7, 8 p.m., Village Hall, 3rd floor, Walter A. Saxton Court Room.

•The Amityville-Copiague CRZ Committee, which is working to put together proposals for state and federal funding to make these communities less vulnerable to storms, held a joint meeting with Babylon Sept. 26 in Babylon. Residents came out and had a chance to review the draft proposals, ask questions and make comments. More than 300 people attended and contributed input. The committee also unveiled its Mission Statement and introduced maps outlining critical areas for review.

James P. Wandell, mayor
Village of Amityville

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