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2013-04-17 / Legals

Public Notices

will be received by the Village Clerk of the Village of
Amityville at the office of
the Village Clerk located at
Village Hall, 21 Greene Avenue, Amityville, New York
11701 until 10:00 am (prevailing time) on Wednesday May 1st 2013 at which
time they will be publicly

opened and read aloud and
the contract awarded as
soon thereafter as practical
Instruction to bidders, plans

and specifications, proposal
sheets and form of contract
may be seen or procured at
the Village Hall, 21 Greene
Avenue, Amityville, NY
11701 beginning Wednesday April 17th 2013 from
9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily
except Saturdays, Sundays
and Holidays. There will
be a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 in the form
of a business check payable
to the Village of Amityville
for the bid package. The
bid number must be clearly
marked at the lower corner

of the bid envelope. There
is a walk-through for bidders scheduled for Wednesday April 24th 2013.
Each proposal must be accompanied by either a certified bank check on a solvent bank or trust company,
or bid bond from a surety
company acceptable to the
Village in an amount equal
to not less than ten percent
(10%) of the amount bid,
made payable to the Village
of Amityville as assurance
that the Contract will be
executed if awarded to such

The Contractor will be
required to complete the
form of “Evidence of Successful Completion of Similar Projects” included in the
proposal. The Contractor
will be required to comply
with the Labor Laws of the
State of New York.
Public liability and property damage insurance and
construction bond will be
The successful bidder will
be required to enter into
a contract for the performance of the work that may
be awarded to said bidder
for the total amount of the
awarded contract price.
Each Bidder must indicate
how much of the contract
will be completed by the
Bidder themselves and how
much by subcontractors. A
bid may be rejected in the
interest of the Village based
on the extent of proposed

delegation of the performance of the contract to
subcontractors, or based
on the level of qualification
and experience of the proposed subcontractors.
The Village of Amityville
Board of Trustees reserves
the right to reject any or
all Bids submitted and to
waive any informality in
any Bid, and shall further
make awards in any way it
deems advisable to the best
interest of the Village of
Each Bidder shall agree to
hold its Bid price for fortyfive (45) days after the formal Bid opening.
By Order of the Board of
Village of Amityville
Diane C. Sheridan
Dated: 04/12/13
1x 4/17/13

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