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2013-03-27 / Front Page

Peter Casserly resigns from Amityville Village Board

By Carolyn James

In a surprise move, longtime Amityville Village Trustee Peter Casserly has resigned his position effective today. In a letter to Mayor Peter T. Imbert, Casserly said that after 30 years of dedicated service, it was decision that was difficult to make and one with “some conflicted feelings.

“However, a new administration is about to begin and this is the appropriate time to respectfully step aside,” he said in his letter.  “In doing so, this will allow Mayor Elect Jim Wandell to fully carry out his mandate and ideas for our great Village.

Wandell was not immediately available for comment, but incoming Trustee Kevin Smith said that he has known Casserly as both a friend and as a trustee and that Casserly has accomplished a lot during his tenure. “I wish him well,” said Smith.

Imbert was on vacation with his family but said in a return phone call to the Record that he was very sorry to see Peter leave the board, particularly since he has been there so long and has a sense of history about many of the decisions made throughout those decades.

“It’s very important to maintain a sense of continuity in government and Peter’s decision to step down is going to be a big loss for the incoming board and the Village,” said Imbert.

Casserly has served on the Village Board for 30 years and lost a bid for the Mayor’s seat to Wandell last month. In a separate letter to Wandell, Casserly said he would continue to offer his services to the administration. “I will be very disappointed to see any projects currently underway suffer as a result of my departure, especially the beach reopening and reconstruction and also the redevelopment of the Brunswick property,” said Casserly.

To Imbert he wrote. “I have enjoyed our Village time spent together and wish you well in your future endeavors.


Longtime Trustee Peter Casserly who stepped down effective today.Longtime Trustee Peter Casserly who stepped down effective today.

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