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2013-01-02 / Columnists

Pets pets pets

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” file, the following exchange recorded by Chris Elton, Babylon Town Shelter director, the morning after Christmas is typical of the lies and fabrications from the public that municipal shelters deal with each day when trying to ascertain the truth and background, including whether there may be owners desperately looking for the poor pets that cross the shelter threshold. (The dog’s name has been changed to protect the innocent): Guy comes in: Someone left a dog in my yard. Someone left a dog in your yard. Why? Why what? Would someone leave a dog in your yard? Dunno. When was the dog left in your yard? A couple of days ago. Really? Well.... maybe a couple of weeks ago, it was around the time of the storm. What storm? The hurricane? Yeah. That was two months ago. Whatever. Have you brought the dog to a vet? Ask my wife. You seem not to believe me. You got that right. Your wife’s number please, bring the dog around back while we call your wife. (The guy brings cute but very matted Yorkie mix wearing a collar and a rabies tag to the back door of the shelter.) Hello? Hi, your husband is here to turn in a dog. Which dog? Uhmmm, a small dog? Oh, Bradley. (Sounds sad.) You don’t want your husband to turn him in? No, but we are moving tomorrow so he has to. Did you ever bring him to the vet? Dunno, ask my husband. Where did you get the dog? Dunno, he brought it home one day. (The rabies tag comes back registered to the guy.) Anything more you want to tell me? Like what? Where did you find the dog? Around my neighborhood. When? Like I said a couple of months ago. No, you said, a couple of days ago, then, a couple of weeks ago, then you said around the time of the storm. Whatever. Well, it’s just that you brought him to the vet for his rabies vaccine. So? Back in April. $65 dollars please! (This is the owner turn-in fee.) Director’s impression: Guy found/stole dog last spring, brought him home and neglected him. When he took his other favored dog to the vet (the one that is moving with them today) he got this one a rabies shot. (Then he presented the dog as a stray with his own rabies tag.) Lesson: We are professionals; we have heard all your hogwash before five ways from Sunday.

Bradley-after being groomed at the shelter Bradley-after being groomed at the shelter For Adoption at Babylon Town Shelter (631- 643-9270) Lamar St. W. Babylon: “Athena” #12- 753 is an overlooked Hound/Pit puppy about four months old. For some unexplained reason, no one notices this cutie. Handsome “Slate” #2-430 has been at the shelter since September, even though he is declawed and has the look of a Russian Blue.

Special Adoption and Foster Plea: Nassau County Emergency Pet Shelter at Mitchel Field set up after the storm needs help with permanent and temporary pet placements. After Sandy when Nassau OEM and HSUS were going house to house in the Long Beach area to look for stranded pets, they came across eight stray dogs that have been at the shelter ever since. No owners have come forward. Permanent homes are needed ASAP for these dogs, mostly Pit mixes. Also there are still 64 dogs and 76 cats at the shelter that belong to people who will not be able to go back into their homes for a long time so temporary foster care is essential. If interested in adopting one of the eight dogs, or fostering a dog/cat for a displaced owner, please contact Nassau SPCA at 516-The-SPCA or via

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