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February 15, 2012 RSS feed / Opinion

Pipeline means jobs for Americans

Dear Editor: President Obama was elected by the people who believed what he had to say. I believe that he is a convincing orator, a “condilent” if you will. (My invented word meaning – a con-artist and a deceiver.) More...

Let’s greet spring with clean sidewalks and clear streets

The crocus are showing their faces, though a bit early, and the promise of spring is in the air. It’s not been a bad winter and we escaped the usual sleet, snow and ice, with unseasonably warm temperatures and beautiful, clear skies. More...

Neighbors should work together and help one another

In Amityville, a long-standing controversy between property owners in Harbour Villas has come to an end. A vote by the residents there has allowed the main building at 170 Merrick Road to have a mixed residential and business use. More...


Do you approve of the way the Obama administration is handling the Ebola crisis?

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