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2012-02-01 / Front Page

Amityville Village Police Alert

An elderly woman in Amityville Village may have been the target of an attempted burglary. Amityville Police reported that yesterday, at approximately 11 a.m. a resident of Railroad Avenue heard a knock on her front door. A white male in his 50s with a stocky build and black hair told the woman that he used to live in the area and asked that he enter her home.
The woman refused and the subject left.
It is possible, said Amityville Police, that the incident was an attempt to burglarize the woman’s home after districting her. Similar incidents have occurred in the past several weeks throughout Long Island.
Police that that residents are urged to call them immediately at 631-264-0400 when they see something they consider suspicious.
For more information, please go to the Amityville Village Website. Click on the Police Corner tab and then click on the topic, When to Call the Police.

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