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2011-08-10 / Columnists

Hot Laps

The Whelen Modified Tour made it’s annual visit to Riverhead Raceway on July 30, 2011. Uncharacteristically, while most of the out-of-towners went “up in smoke” with various mechanical difficulties, Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, a Tour competitor and also a Riverhead Raceway regular who leads the track Modified Division point standings, captured the emotional win.

In winning the 175-lap main event, Bonsignore broke a 16-year streak of Whelen races not won by hometown drivers during the annual visit. The young chauffer also hopes that this breakthrough will help him reverse his Tour luck which was largely “snakebit,” which is in stark contrast to his Riverhead success thus far in 2011.

Surrounded by his M3 Technologies crew in victory lane, Bonsignore thanked car owner Ken Mazza for giving him everything he needed to be successful.

Long Island modified pilots shone all day long as Howie Brode of East Islip led time trials and Donnie Lia of Jericho, a Tour regular, strapped into Wayne Anderson’s mount and won the consolation event. Unfortunately, both men did not have similar success in the main event, dropping out with mechanical problems.

Ronnie Silk won the Evans Baldwin Jarzombek Memorial 77 on July 23 Ronnie Silk won the Evans Baldwin Jarzombek Memorial 77 on July 23 In the two supporting divisions that ran on this night, Blunderbust winner Tommy “The Wild Child” Walkowiak started on the pole and ended there as well.

Finally, in the Charger Division, Chris Turbush captured another win in his #81 mount.

From the Pits: With the Whelen Modified Tour drivers in town, very few drivers pitted in their usual areas. This reporter took a little longer to find certain people…..I would like to thank everyone who helped my lady at the track while I was in the pits.

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