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May 4, 2011 RSS feed / Opinion


No guilt over joy on the death of bin Laden

“The place of justice is a hallowed place,” said Sir Francis Bacon. And indeed we find ourselves in a better world, a more hallowed place this week as we live in a world without Osama bin Laden. More...

S.C. Exec Steve Levy upheld the law, not hatred

Dear Editor: More...

Save the old ,29 Packard

Dear Editor: “Ask the man who owns one” was the old time Cadillac sales slogan. That rings in my mind ever since Vic Doyle willed the old Caddy to the Village. Now it is to be sold? More...


Was the the beheading of a woman in Moore, Oklahoma on Fri., Sept. 26 an act of terrorism on American soil, or an isolated incident involving a mentally deranged individual acting alone?

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