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2011-01-19 / Columnists

Amityville & More

Our Piece of the World
by Ellen Holliday

Larry Mitchell Larry Mitchell On Friday, December 10, I attended my first BACCA concert at the Performing Arts Center in Lindenhurst. As a new employee of B.A.C.C.A., I was eager to attend the 4th Friday Concert Series. Larry Mitchell of New Mexico was the featured artist. The evening included a 45- minute, open mic segment. Accompanying Mitchell was drummer Jim Jackson and guitarist Scott Huller.

Mitchell is a Grammy Awardwinning producer, guitarist, songwriter and engineer. He has won production and engineering awards in contemporary, Pop, R&B and Rap. In 2007, he won an award in the Native American category for co-producing Totemic Flute Chants with Johnny Whitehorse. The album was released by Silver Way Records.

He won other awards with artist Shelley Morningsong, the Northern Cheyenne/ Zuni Pueblo artist who’s album Out of the Ashes won recognition, and Joy Harjo, a Muskogee Creek Native American, in the same category.

Mitchell, who was casually dressed in a cowboy hat and fringed suede jacket, has 15-plus music production awards, as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and country western artist. He recently joined the band Overshine, featuring Brain Hardgroove of the Rap group Enemy. He also has six guitar instrumental records, which met with critical acclaim.

The Open Mic segment gave us a highlight of the act that will be featured Jan. 28. Grand Folk Railroad, with one of our own volunteers and bakery queen Susan Cohen. She baked chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies and served them with coffee or tea. Than she picked up her guitar and played a couple of songs! Dan Ventura and Ryan Cullinane, also offered selections.

At the event were BACCA Board of Director Shawn Cullianane and his wife June, and board member Mike Christian, along with the public who filled the room.

If anyone has any artistic ideas to contribute to the series, contact the Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts, Old Town Hall, 47 W. Main St., Suite 4, Babylon, N.Y. 11702, or call 631-587-3696 or 631-991-3510.

Readers who would like to contribute information or story ideas for this column can reach Ellen Holliday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mon-Fri. at 631-587-3696, Ext. 0.

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