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2010-11-17 / Columnists

Amityville & More

Our Piece of the World
by Ellen Holliday

The writer is shown left, standing with students and staff at St. Martin’s School. Photo by Kerry Henzy The writer is shown left, standing with students and staff at St. Martin’s School. Photo by Kerry Henzy St. Martin of Tours in Amityville invited me to their orientation when school opened this September. Mrs. Kathleen Razzetti is the principal. I went because I have always been interested in the Parochial School environment. Some of my cousins and my son’s dad, Lloyd Sonny Dove, were Catholics and went to Catholic school all of their lives in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. As a matter of fact, Sonny is in the hall of fame at St. John’s University in Queens. I thought most of my life that it would not be easy for me to attend such a school. I was influenced by the “reputation” of the nuns which included that the they wore long, black clothes to hide the rulers they used to slap children on the hands. I also had a good experience in Amityville Public Schools. I belonged to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for the majority of my life (over 50 years) and it was a great comfort to look outside of Park Ave., and see my church standing there. I knew Jesus was everywhere, but for sure he would be watching from across the street.

Mrs. Razzetti is the first lay person chosen as principal at St. Martin’s. She took her position four years ago, coming to Amityville from 35 years in the Public School System, and she was delightful! She is married to Albert Rozzetti who works in sales and marketing, and they have a daughter, Alyson, 23. Her work in North Shore, at the Glenwood Landing School in Glen Head, sent her here well-equipped to do the job. She replaced Sister Maureen Galvin, a Dominican nun who lives in the convent. Theday I came, they were celebrating Sister Marge Miller’s 47th year as a nun. She is a second grade teacher. Theywelcomed me and gave me a tour of the school and programs.

I met some of the parents and enjoyed bagels and coffee with them. The parentteachers Home School Association raises much of the money that the school uses to fund the activities held during the course of the year.

Lori Prisco is a member of the association. Two of her children graduated from St. Martin’s, and she has a 5-year old attending the school now.

The school also offers other servies for children. Mary Dunn and Christine Besen spoke highly of their experience as parents of children attending these programs. St. Martin’s runs a Mommy & Me, Pre-K at 4 years old, a 2-year old program and Nursery for 3 year olds as well as a than K thru 8th grade. program.

The school librarian for 15 years, Mrs. Cotter spoke to me about the literacy project and the use of ipods in the classroom. St. Martin’s interacts with the public schools. This was the most interesting thing about my visit. The Catholic Diocese identified a grant, and along with Amityville Public Schools has been approved for a 3-year project that will commence this fall. The grant will allow the Park Avenue, Miles Middle School and St. Martin’s to interact with N.A.S.A. under a program called Moon Scape. A flat-screen television has been installed in the library and the students will interact with working astronauts and scientists at Cape Canaveral, and work on related projects during the fall and winter seasons. They can also interact with other students involved in the same project across the country. What a wonderful visit. I would rec- ommend this hometown school to anyone..

Other events:

•Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner, Nov. 21, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., followed by a special service at 4 p.m.. Bethel A.M.E. Church. 20 Simmons St. Copiague. Pastor Roy Kirton of the Circle of Love will bring a special word concerning Haiti. Think about how Blessed we are.

•Thanksgiving Celebration, The Cirlce of Love Ministry, 20 Reith St., Copiague,, Nov. 25. Serving 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Dinner and Fellowship. If There is delivery available for those homebound who live in the town of Babylon. Call 631-789-2688 ext. 244.

•Thanksgiving Day with N.A.O.S.A (No. Amityville Old School Association) Nov., 25, serving 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Hunter-Squire- Jackson American Legion Post, Dixon Avenue, Amityville (Also known as “The Dugout”).

Come get together with old friends, walk down Memory Lane and bring a friend who might not have anyone, or someone whomay need a good home cooked meal. President: Mr. Terry “Boozer” Edwards

/ 631-842-1638.

Readers can write to Ellen

Holliday at acjnews@rcn. com. Please put her name in the subject line.

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