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May 19, 2010 RSS feed / Opinion

Ruling in; now New York should get busy and enact civil confinement law

Sometimes the Supreme Court gets it right. It did this week when it reversed a lower court ruling that said Congress overstepped its authority in allowing the indefinite detention of inmates considered “sexually dangerous.” More...

Celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day

Dear Editor: With Memorial Day fast approaching, I would like to express my thoughts on the “holiday.” There is not official greeting for this holiday and it is not “Happy Memorial Day.” This is a day of reflection and rem More...

An opportunity missed; a crisis not avoided

Dear Editor: In July 2005 Republicans tried to adopt a tough financial regulation bill which, by putting a cap on Fannie and Freddie and other reckless practices, may well have prevented our financial crisis. More...


Should President Barack Obama grant amnesty to illegal immigrants through a Presidential executive order?

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