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February 3, 2010 RSS feed / Opinion


There’s enough blame to go around in the high tax game

Last week, Nassau County lawmakers gave them­selves healthy raises, only to rescind them days later after a tremendous public outcry. More...


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Gus is home, doing fine

Dear Editor: I am Jennifer Howlett, wife of Captain Patrick Howlett, and “mommy” to Gus, the dog in your article, “Babylon soldier rescues dog in Iraq; brings him home.” I am happy to say that Gus is adjusting well to life i More...

Be a hero today; donate blood

Every year about this time, the supply of blood that is vitally needed to save lives runs low. More...

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Answer found in ACLU membership

Dear Editor: To William H. Hill. Upon reading your rebuttal to my “Open letter to atheists and non-believers” that was printed in the in the Jan. More...

Outlaw arrogance at the voting booth

Dear Editor: Is there a difference between underperforming past and present Nassau elected officials who used taxpayer money to grant themselves exorbitant pay increases, and the financial scheming of past and present bank executives who used taxpa More...

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