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July 8, 2009 RSS feed / Opinion

There is more at stake in enacting anti-DWI measures than just federal dollars

Public Commentary

Dear Editor: It was recently announced that the federal government, as part of its draft federal highway bill, is proposing to withhold highway funding from states like New York which don't have a mandatory ignition interlock law. More...

In this case the means justify the end sought


News accounts documenting the five-week stalemate in the New York State Senate paint a distorted picture of what is taking place in Albany. They dwell on what is not being done there when the real story is about what is. More...

Another thought…

Long Island Senators Craig Johnson and Brian Foley, both Democrats who bent to the pressure of their party and threw fellow Long Islanders under the MTA bus by voting for the MTA tax, could win back some of their "good name" by joining with the GOP More...


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