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April 1, 2009 RSS feed / Opinion

Service with a smile and a wave goodbye

To the Editor: I got some distressing news today. More...

MTA takes public for a ride

A plan to financially shore up the poorly managed MTA and pass along the cost onto every wage earner in New York State is another example of a misguided and unfair tax policy that the public must protest and protest loudly. More...

Fuschillo calls for campaign against MTA payroll tax

Public Commentary

Dear Editor: Previously, I wrote to inform your readers about my opposition to the MTA's proposed payroll tax, which would require all Long Island employers to pay a one-third of one percent tax on all employee wages. More...

Cong. Israel's support of stimulus plan disappointing

Dear Editor: Congressman Steve Israel believes the so-called Stimulus Bill will do great things for Long Island. I have a different view. I suspect that Suffolk County alone will receive far less in stimulus spending than North Dakota. More...


Do you expect to spend more this holiday season than you did last year?

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