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March 25, 2009 RSS feed / Opinion

Americans should support Obama's economic plan­

Public Commentary

Dear Editor: Over the next few weeks there will be a great deal of criticism of President Obama's plan to increase spending from the present three trillion dollars or 21 percent of GDP (gross domestic product) to 28 percent of GDP. More...

Opinion: Tax relief should not come at expense of health-care workers

Governor Paterson's decision to use some of New York's $12 billion dollars in federal Medicaid funding to eliminate proposed taxes on such purchases as salon services, digital downloads, movie tickets, and non-diet soda is designed in his words "to More...

To all public officials: Spend no more!


We have been attending the budget meetings for our local school districts in both Nassau and Suffolk counties over the last few weeks and recognize the tough spot school officials and taxpayers find themselves in this year. More...

Gitmo prisoners: Ship 'em out!

Dear Editor: Our President wants to close the Gitmo Prison in Eastern Cuba. The prisoners cannot be rehabilitated as they would go back to killing Americans. More...

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