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February 11, 2009 RSS feed / Opinion

Tax free holiday, not stimulus plan, is what America needs

Public Commentary

Dear Editor: Our new President has proposed a 1933-style stimulus package to solve our country's economic problems. The 1933 stimulus package did not work back then as we had a 10-year and 35 percent unemployment disaster. More...

Outrage over steroids in baseball is a curve ball


The ongoing legal battle over the use of steroids by major league baseball players, or lack thereof, is a case of absolute absurdity. More...

Violent offenders do not represent Long Islanders

There is no question that recent incidents on Long Island involving violence against minorities raise the consciousness of the public and lead to questions about how to ensure that the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness touch the More...

Position on global warming is a brainless exercise in denial

Dear Editor: What were you thinking when you printed that brainless letter on global warming from Gary Slavin in your January 21 issue? More...

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