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2009-01-07 / Columnists


by Jane Warren

IT WAS A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE for Alice and Joe Vanderveldt and their children Meredith and Joe. They got to spend it with all the other celebrities at Times Square where they were the official confetti dispersal engineers, and at the stroke of midnight they performed the task of releasing the tons of confetti. It was bitter cold, but fortunately Meredith and Joe were able to see everything from the inside balcony of the Marriott Hotel along with the members of the New York City Police Department, Hillary and Bill Clinton and many other prominent people of the area. They were the guests of the Treb Hening's company, a national organization which participates in large events all over the country, through a family member who is with the organization. Needless to say, they had a memorable time in spite of the weather.

RECESSION, WHAT RECESSION? Some of our local restaurants did a fabulous business on New Year's Eve. Every table was taken at the Parkwood and ditto at Southward Ho. Many of the Village restaurants were filled, but some were the victims of the bad weather and had cancellations because of the bitter cold and wind.

LIBBY ORR CELEBRATES WITH FAMILY. Libby had a great time on a holiday visit with her son Stephen and his wife Jane and their children when she spent Christmas with them in their Loudonville home.

LOCAL GOLF PRO MOVES TO WARMER CLIMATE. Yes, Bob Freund, his wife Deidre and their children Zack, Trevor and Meaghan of Lake Grove have moved to Arizona to be near the large number of golf courses and away from the cold weather on Long Island. Bob's mother, Mary Freund of Babylon, will miss them. Arizona is a long way from Babylon, and of course they will miss Mary.

A GREAT CHRISTMAS WITH THEIR DAUGHTER AND GRANDDAUGHTER. Joan and Bud St. John flew out to Texas to spend the holidays with their daughter, Libby, her husband Stephen Burns and their granddaughter Carrie and her husband Greg Seidman, who flew out from their Maryland home.

IT'S THAT TIME OFYEAR AGAIN. Village elections are coming up in March and a kick off meeting of the Better Babylon Party will be held tonight, Thursday, 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall. Candidates running for re-election are Trustee Alice Vanderveldt and Kevin Muldowny, and John Rafter will also be running for reelection as Village Justice.

MORE HOLIDAY VISITORS. Cece and Michael Morrell and their children Kate and Jack have been visiting here with their mother Katharine Fallon, Cece's brother and his family: Karen and Rich Fallon and their children, and Cece's sister Barbara and her husband Larry Schaefer and their children. Cece and Michael live in Pelham. The cousins and sisters and brothers had a great time being together and sharing fun and games during the holidays.

AND MORE VISITORS. John O'Brien and his wife Mary Jane Healey O'Brien visited here last weekeend with Mary Jane's nephew-in-law, Jim Christophersen and his family. Jim was married to the late May Alice Christophersen. Remember Dr. Healy? Old timers will probably answer "yes." The Healy family lived in a large old house on the left hand side of Fire Island Avenue, just south of Cormack Court. Dr. Healy took care of so many families - everyone loved him, and yes, he did make house calls.

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