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April 30, 2008 RSS feed / Opinion


Government at all levels need to spend less

The message from Washington is that we are not in a recession. The political spin on the economic condition the country seems stalled in, is that it is a "slowdown. More...

Reader disagrees with ATA letter on accountability

In Response to Carolyn Dodd, President of the Amityville Teachers Association ("Teachers oppose unfair standards, not accountability"). More...

Public commentary

This administration must end this unjust war in Iraq now

I agree 100 percent with Kevin O'Neil, whose public commentary was published on April 17, (U.S. Policy in Iraq bolsters terrorists' claim against Americans). More...

Fight in Iraq is a fight to preserve our American way of life

Dear Editor: The terrorists have destroyed our World Trade Center in 1993 and 2001. They have attacked the U.S.S. Cole and Americans in our country and all over the world. More...

Suffolk County Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool
The Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool