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2008-02-13 / Columnists

Pets, Pets, Pets

. . by Joanne Anderson

One of SPCA Cresteds in need of a foster home. One of SPCA Cresteds in need of a foster home. Just Joe is a different kind of hero. For the last year this hefty Rottweiler has given his blood to save the lives of other dogs. Since he's lived in a cage at a vet's office, he hasn't had the privi- lege of curling up on a soft bed or rolling in the grass or chasing after a stick. Now it's time for Just Joe to have a "real life", a "home", a "family" to call his own.

Just Joe was rescued by someone in the veterinary profession who can't find an apartment that will allow such a large dog, so, in the mean time, Joe has earned his keep by being a blood donor at a local animal hospital. It's not unusual for clinics to have a dog and/or cat for transfusions, but Joe's savior and friends want a better life for him.

Joe has an exemplary Rottie resume: He's neutered, about 4-5 years old, weighs 123 lbs., is housebroken, healthy with a recent CBC as proof, walks on a leash without pulling, gets along with other dogs, seems indifferent to cats, and doesn't guard food or toys. Because he's been in a cage so long, he's put on some extra weight and become a bit inactive. Joe is a great dog- calm and mellow. For more details about Joe, contact Melissa at or (516)241- 2001; or visit MCM Rottweiler Rescue on Petfinder zip code 11729 to see another photo.

Just Joe, the Rottweiler who has been a blood donor and is now in need of someone who can give him care and a good life. Just Joe, the Rottweiler who has been a blood donor and is now in need of someone who can give him care and a good life. Nassau SPCA Seeks Foster Homes: You may be aware of the Jan. 30 seizure of 125 pets from yet another hoarder in Syosset. The SPCA and town shelter removed 29 caged dogs- mostly Silky Terriers and Chinese Cresteds, two cats, 86 guinea pigs, plus rabbits, ferrets, birds, turtles, and sugar gliders from deplorable conditions. All were taken to Oyster Bay Town Shelter, where medical evaluations and groomings were the first priorities. The tiny dogs, now sporting sweaters, have had beauty make-overs courtesy of a wonderful, volunteer groomer.

Because of ongoing legal proceedings, the animals cannot be adopted yet, but would benefit from foster care. Presently the SPCA is most concerned about placing the overflow of guinea pigs and the dogs and rabbits. Some of the Silkys and Cresteds, though adorable and socialized, are older, with dental and medical conditions.

Poster Pets of the Week    Cole, Belgian Sheepdog/  Newfie Poster Pets of the Week Cole, Belgian Sheepdog/ Newfie Anyone who would love to give one of these unfortunate waifs some TLC by fostering, should fill out the contact information for Nassau SPCA at Applicants will be screened, and later will be given first consideration, if and when the animals are available for permanent placements. Nassau SPCA and Oyster Bay Shelter thank the many kind people who have offered to help.

Last Hope's Bowling for the Animals: Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. is holding a fundraiser at Massapequa Bowling Center, 4235 Merrick Road, on Sun. Feb. 24th from 4 to 6 pm (registration begins at 3:30). A $25 fee entitles each bowler to 2 hours of bowling, rental shoes, and refreshments. For more info, call (631)385-4945; (631)205-5069; or visit www. lasthope-

Find Your "Fuzzy" Valentine at Babylon Town Shelter (643- 9270): Many deserving dogs and cats at the 51 Lamar St. W. Babylon shelter would love to love you. Last week's poster dog "Cole" is back to show he's all heart. This young Belgian Sheepdog/Newfie mix in Cage 10 was picked up in St. Charles Cemetery. While he looks like so many of the dogs that have been found roaming there, Cole must have had an owner at one time because he's was found wearing a collar. This huggable teddy bear is shy but loving. He really enjoyed being brushed. "Princess" is a spayed gray muted calico in C-4 with "purrsonality plus". This 2 year old cat is FeLV/FIV negative too.

Princess, spayed calico Princess, spayed calico •Female: "Sugar" brown and white Pit, sweet as her name, Cage 48.

•Male: Labs- black & chocolate; Shepherd/Mastiff Cage 9; tan Corgi mix with a head laceration, probably hit by a car, in Puppy Room; "Buddy"- playful black & white Pit, retrieves toys Cage 4.

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