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January 2, 2008 RSS feed / Opinion

We hope you and yours will mark 2008 with historical success


January 1, the beginning of a New Year, with its open ended opportunities and chances for advancement, betterment and hope, is a date in history that also marks some interesting events. On Jan. More...

Levy's plan is penny wise and pound foolish

Dear Editor: Steve Levy says he has to veto a variety of budget items claiming,"The more spending added to the base of the budget, the harder it is to control taxes." But Levy didn't see a problem with allocating more than $1 million for his sho More...

Gates at Nautical Park in Amityville should be open

Public Commentary

Dear Editor: There is a lovely park on the corner of Montauk Highway and Ocean Avenue, complete with two gazebos and many benches. I walk along there occasionally and being elderly, would like to stop and rest, but the gates are locked. More...


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