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December 26, 2007 RSS feed / Obituaries

Paul Anglim, AMHS graduate, at 45

Former Massapequa resident and father of three sons, Paul A. Anglim died Nov. 26, 2007 at TideWell Hospice in Florida, surrounded by his family. He was 45 years old. More...

Sherman “Johnnie” Wilson of Amityville

Longtime Amityville resident Sherman "Johnnie" Lee Wilson was known for always having a smile on his face and faith in his heart. He died Dec. 7, 2007 at New Island Hospital in Bethpage. He was 57 years old. More...

Marjorie Viemeister of Amityville, 92

Longtime Amityville resident Marjorie Viemeister died Dec. 12, 2007 at White Bear Lake, Minnesota where she moved two months ago to be closer to one of her sons. More...

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