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2007-12-26 / Columnists

Pets, Pets, Pets

by Joanne Anderson

As 2007 ends: "Out with the old; in with the new; out with the new" is a twist on the familiar saying. Our day old puppies found discarded in a dumpster aren't typical New Year's babies, yet their sad but common saga symbolizes the best and the worst of human nature.

What monster abandoned them? We'll never know. Were there littermates tossed somewhere else? We'll never know. Did the guilty party feel a twinge of remorse? We'll never know, nor do we care.

Meg, a clerk at CVS in West Babylon discovered the 3 Pit mixes, umbilical cords still attached, when she went out to the parking lot to throw away trash one chilly morning last month. Such a horrific discovery was the furthest thought from her mind. She rushed them to a nearby animal clinic that warmed the teeny, freezing pups, barely alive. Heat would not be enough to ensure their survival.

Meg needed someone who could care for her foundlings. Kittens are easier to add to a surrogate mom's brood. Veterinary hospitals and shelters are not equipped to handle newborn pups unless a nursing mother dog that will accept them is available (highly unlikely) or someone is willing to take on the huge task of round the clock bottle-feeding (as unlikely). Meg happened to come to the right place next.

Above and at left, Dumpster puppies. Above and at left, Dumpster puppies. Bonnie Bassey, kennel attendant at Babylon Town Shelter, offered to foster the pups. To say Bonnie has the credentials is an understatement. She has tended to many an infant squirrel, pup and kitten. She even bottle fed a lion cub years ago, although her grandson's kindergarten teacher told him to stop telling fibs when he mentioned this at show n'tell. Hand raising baby birds, wild and tame, is Bonnie's specialty. The pups were in the best of hands.

The rescue is even sweeter because Meg, who has stayed closely connected, has not only purchased the expensive formula but her family will be taking 2 of the 3 hungry pups, who've now graduated to soft food. A veterinarian may be adopting the third.

A mere month old, these defenseless puppies, have already known society's extremes-utter cruelty and deep compassion. May their future, and all of 2008, be filled to the brim with the latter. As I write this I peek at my waiting emails- a German Shepherd tied to a bumper; 237 petrified dogs taken from an old lady in Texas; another owner's pup with a mangled front leg. Signing off for 2007, this authentic and aging New Year's baby, yours truly, is wishing everyone a Happier New Year.

Nola, Last Hope Nola, Last Hope For Adoption: Our featured poster pets are adlibbing "Auld Long Syne" because both have been waiting far too long for a home of their own. "Nola" would love to be "Queen for a Day". This 6 year old Shepherd mix, originally from Huntington Shelter, has been at the Last Hope Dog Center in Lindenhurst for more than 7 months. She has seen so many other dogs come and go. "Nola" is very quiet and loving to people but she needs to be the only pet. Call 516-220-6695 or 631-946- 9528.

"Huckleberry Hound" at Babylon Town Shelter (631-643-9270) Lamar St. W. Babylon has a similar tale of woe. This big Beagle mix in Cage 9 was found running loose in Babylon Village last summer. A lady took him overnight and said he got along

Huckleberry Hound at Babylon Shelter Huckleberry Hound at Babylon Shelter

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