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August 22, 2007 RSS feed / Opinion

Public Commentary

Kids volunteering is a great idea

Dear Editor: Whoever wrote the editorial on July 11 needs to be congratulated. I am in favor of all kids to be kept busy especially in the summer. Going to a senior center and doing volunteer work even if it is only once a week is great. More...

We mourn loss of hard-working Americans

We can't imagine the heartbreak and loss being endured by the families of the six miners who now, we must acknowledge, have given up their lives in Utah. More...

How real is Bush border plan?

Our first reaction is that it seems to be too little too late, but with some optimism we're encouraged to see that President George W. More...

Public Commentary

No difference between Democrats and Republicans

Dear Editor: The media lambasted Ralph Nader for stating that the two corporate parties (Democratic Party and Republican Party) have very few differences between them. More...

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