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August 8, 2007 RSS feed / Obituaries

Paul Garratt: Lifelong Amityville Resident

Lifelong Amityville resident Paul Charles Garratt, sailor and mechanic, died suddenly on July 22, 2007. He was 53 years old. Born in Amityville to Evelyn and Alan Garratt, he joined the U.S. More...

George W. Gehrlein, longtime Copiague resident

In 1956, Walter Gehrlein moved to Copiague when the community was still connected by dirt roads. He lived in a home his family built, and spent his life caring and providing for and enjoying his family. George W. Gehrlein died on July 8, 2007. More...

John Anderson, longtime and loyal Amityville firefighter

Longtime Amityville resident and former Amityville Fire Department Captain John Walter Anderson died July 16, 2007 at his home. He was 84 years old. More...

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