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November 29, 2006 RSS feed / Opinion

Public Commentary

LIPA windfarm project needs closer review

Dear Editor: Let's look further into the LIPA/FPL Wind Farm project. The proposed 40,443 ft. More...

OLG did help healing begin after arrest of former priest

An editorial in last week's edition referred to the fact that no mention of the child pornography charges of a former priest at Our Lady of Grace R.C. More...

NYC School decision was right

It was good to read that the state's Appellate Court was bold and wise in reducing the whopping millions the lower court ordered the state to give New York City Schools for renovating its school facilities. More...

Public Commentary

Church offered healing

Dear Editor: I am writing in regards to your editorial comment of November 23, 2006. I was disconcerted by your letter because of its inaccuracy. Just before every Mass service on the weekend of Nov. 18th and 19th Fr. More...

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