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September 28, 2006 RSS feed / Opinion

Help ease kids back into school


Our children are back in school making what is not an easy transition from a carefree summer vacation to the demands of learning. Let's be kind to them. More...

Looking for descendants of the Haff family

Dear Editor: I have been to Amityville once a year for the past five years seeking information on my great grandfather's descendents, the Haff family. More...

Commentary President Bushs' democracy in Iraq

Dear Editor: President George Bush cannot tell the Iraqis, nor the World, what type of government they should have or that a Democracy is the best thing for them. More...


Do you expect to spend more this holiday season than you did last year?

Suffolk County Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool
The Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool