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August 24, 2006 RSS feed / Opinion

Levy's fight in Suffolk is the fight of all reasonable and caring Americans

Once again, S.C. Steve Levy's proposal to require that companies doing business with the County are law abiding, and that they enjoy no unfair advantage over their competitors by hiring illegal immigrants, has come under assault. More...

Americans can't export what they don't make here

Dear Editor: "These are the times that try men's souls." With these words Thomas Paine began a series of articles entitled More...

Levy's right to demand equity in bidding process

Dear Editor: I back Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy 100 percent in his attempts to put a stop to the overwhelming invasion of Long Island by ILLEGAL immigrants. More...

Suffolk County Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool
The Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool