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June 28, 2006 RSS feed / Opinion


We celebrate freedom with barbecues and beer

We live in a country that celebrates its birth and the freedoms of a nation of the people, by the people and for the people with food and fireworks. More...

Public Commentary

Will the real Supervisor Bellone please sit down

Dear Editor: I was not the least bit surprised to see Supervisor Steven Bellone speaking for Legislator Wayne Horsley in your letters to the editor section. Supervisors Rich Schaffer and Steve Bellone have been so for a good number of years. More...


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Fine Arts Exhibit a success

Dear Editor: The Fourth Fine Arts Exhibit and Sale held at the beginning of May was an opportunity for First Church to offer local artists space to show their creative talents, gave the community the chance to see and admire their work and buy orig More...

Suffolk County Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool
The Shelter Locator and Storm Surge Zone Mapping Tool