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2006-02-08 / Columnists

Anderson named finalist in national competition

Joanne Anderson, Record’s pet columnist, has been nominated in 2 Special Award categories in the 2005 Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) Writing Competition. Her April 28, 2005 "Pets, Pets, Pets" column "Holy Mackerel" (about fish oil additives in pet food to improve cognitive function in puppies and kittens) was nominated by the Morris Animal Foundation for their Advances in Canine Veterinary Medicine Award. Her July 7, 2005 column "Tango With Your Terrier" (about dog dancing) has been selected as a finalist by the WFCO Excellence in Canine Freestyle Media Award. Winners will be announced this Sun. night (Westminster eve)! at the annual DWAA Awards Banquet in NYC.

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