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August 31, 2005 RSS feed / Obituaries

Margaret Deissroth Weber Chapman, 92, former Amityville resident

Former Amityville resident Margaret Deissroth Weber Chapman (nee Inglee), died at her home in Gold Beach, Oregon, May 19, 2005. She was 92 years old. She was born in Amityville and lived here for many years. More...

Eleanore Curtis, 80, Amityville resident

Eleanore Louise Curtis, an 18-year Amityville resident, died August 8, 2005 at her Central Avenue home. She was 80 years old. More...

Darrin Owens, 39, Former Amityville resident

Darrin A. Owens, who grew up in Amityville, died after a long illness July 18, 2005 at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip. He was 39 years old. More...

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