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2005-06-08 / Columnists

Pets, Pets, Pets...

by Joanne Anderson

Pets, Pets, Pets...

by Joanne Anderson

Good news times three! First as of June 1st Islip Town Shelter got the go ahead from their Town Hall to showcase dogs for adoption with their own Petfinder website. It looks fabulous. Check it out by going to Petfinder and typing in NY 586 or selecting dog and then typing in the zip code 11706. All Islip dogs listed have names and helpful bios. I'm grateful to our BEACON and AMITYVILLE RECORD readers who called about this much needed free adoption service. Thank you also to Islip Town Hall especially Commissioner Eric Hofmeister for answering everyones request .

Next, two former Babylon Shelter dogs have made the big time. Their stories have been included in the latest Gizmo Tales which are books published for kids that are also written by kids. My vet put me in contact with the authors when they were compiling a list of amazing dogs. We were all invited to the student authors book signing at Borders Westbury last week for the debut of The Gizmo Tales: Hero Dogs. The series mascot -Gizmo- is a therapy dog Labradoodle born in Australia who visits LI schools and belongs to Dr. Jeri Fink, a family therapist. She and Donna Paltrowitz go to classrooms and coordinate the writing projects with middle school students.

In their press release Jeri and Donna write: Heroes teach us about the good things in life. They tell us anything is possible if we strive for the best in human spirit. Dogs can be heroes too. Babylon Shelters German Shepherd Lissy is proof. She is really V Lissy von der Posthalterey Ahlen SchH III a champion import from Germany with top titles in conformation ( beauty) and Schutzhund, a German form of training: tracking, obedience, and protection. Readers may remember her story here last year. She wound up as a bedraggled stray at Babylon Shelter until Animal Control Officer Kristin Siarkowiczs noticed traces of her blurry tattoo that yielded Lissys pedigree and accomplishments. Kristin tested her in the field and Lissy had remembered all her training despite years of no practice.

The Brooklyn man who had purchased her for $10,000 as a puppy machine lost Lissy when he shipped her to Suffolk for a breeding. The Brooklyn fellows Malinois had mangled Lissys ear. He didn't want her back after he learned of the breast tumor we had found. Shepherd fans from all over the world offered to take Lissy from us. Her spaying and biopsy miraculously showed Lissy as cancer free. Lissy now lives the good life in the Hamptons with Kristin's friends-the Manzis. Joyous Lissy and her whole family attended the Borders book signing. In my photo , Lissy is schmoozing with Gizmo, her host at Borders. I have to admit this was an emotional moment because I hadnt seen Lissy since she left our shelter.

Babylon Shelters Harley is in Hero Dogs too. You may recall from the column that he is the American Bulldog adopted after 6 weeks in the pound who went on to be a professional model of Waggin Wear- canine couture and then to his big break- the Burger King TV commercial for The Cat in the Hat movie promotion. Harley then came back to the shelter for our special Cat in the Hat adoption day and also greeted all his young fans in my elementary school . His mom- Liz Rock- was at Borders with us and Harley was planning to come the next night. Celebrity dogs are all booked up, you know.

The stories of many other unbelievable dogs, past and present, are told in Hero Dogs. The student authors have donated copies to childrens charities like Ronald McDonald House and the Wyandanch Day Care Center. The Gizmo writing project was featured in Newsdays FUTURECORPS last week. Hero Dogs is available at Borders; soon at the website-; or by calling 516-221-3850.

Which brings me to the third good thing. Kristin and I (and our dogs) are featured in Hero Dogs but that was before my Afghan won Best Dressed in Last Hopes Dog Walk Saturday. Her gold lame blouse trumped every dog tee shirt there. She is following the long time Anderson Afghan tradition of fabulous fashion sense. I couldn't be prouder of my Super Model!

Speaking of Petfinder- Babylon Town Shelter (643-9270) on Lamar St. W. Babylon is Petfinder NY 275 and Saturday a couple popped in from New Jersey to see Colatta, our Chubby English Bulldog in Cage 91. This sweetie is 4 years old and Bulldog Rescue was quite upset to learn she had been dropped off at the shelter by a former breeder that they were in the process of helping. We also have a 6 week mackerel tabby kitten isolated in the food prep room who has a swollen wrist from a tight rubber band. He can put weight on his foot with no problem.

•Females: Summer- a Shepherd mix in Cage 89 abandoned at a church; ; a tiny, toothless Pomeranian in the Puppy Room; a small Rottie mix with gold overtones in Cage 93.

•Males: Buddy- last weeks Cockapoo in Cage 43. The caption that said he was blind is a mistake; Frankie- a 9 month big Beagle mix in Cage 17; Gary- the black Lab mix in Cage 15; a tan Chihuahua in Cage 42 found at Belmont Lake; a Japanese Chin in Cage 41.

•Low Cost Spay/Neuter- 516-364-PAWS; Island Rescue at 968-8700.

•Last Hope is having a Wine Tasting benefit Fri. 6/17 at Gallucio Family Wineries in Huntington. $25 per person. Call 631-385-7670.

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