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2005-05-18 / Legals

Notice to Public of Sale of Personal Property to Satisfy Lien

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following personal property, to wit: personal property stored at Parking Space 16 (stored by Jesse W. Prochilo), Unit 26 and Unit 27 (stored by Ed Plumacher d/b/a Questec), Unit 18 (stored by Edward Jurman d/b/a American Door), Unit 116 I (stored by Angela Cuomo), Unit 44 (stored by Paul Monserrat d/b/a Monserrat Plumbing Inc.), Unit 116 F (stored by Nora Melody) will be sold at public auction on the 10th day of June, 2005 at one o’clock, p.m., at 308 Commack Road, in the Hamlet of Deer Park, Town of Babylon, County of Suffolk, New York. The sale of such personal property is to satisfy the self storage facility’s lien of the undersigned. Said personal property is held by the undersigned and was stored by the undersigned for the accounts of Ed Plumacher d/b/a Questec of West Islip, New York, Edward Jurman d/b/a American Door of Deer Park, New York, Angela Cuomo of North Babylon, New York, Paul Monserrat d/b/a Monserrat Plumbing, Inc. of Deer Park, New York and Nora Melody of Deer Park, New York.

Dated: Amityville, New York

April 25, 2005

2x 5/25/05 #302

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