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June 3, 2004 RSS feed / Opinion

Did you go to the parade?

The weather was wonderful for the Memorial Day parades, but again the lines of people cheering on the marchers was thin in most communities. That More...

Reader stands beside Bush, and decision to protect US

One of your readers thinks that the United States of America needs U.N. permission to go to war to protect our national interest. This thinking is wrong as the U.N. More...

Reader is proud to say: "I am an American"

Dear Editor: More...

Gay marriage could lead to double the amount of divorce

Years ago, the big reason for gay marriage was health insurance, but today, you can obtain insurance for a live-in partner through your employer. Today, many people wonder why heterosexuals want to get married. More...


Was the the beheading of a woman in Moore, Oklahoma on Fri., Sept. 26 an act of terrorism on American soil, or an isolated incident involving a mentally deranged individual acting alone?

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