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April 3, 2002 RSS feed / Opinion

Case closed, we hope

A front page story this week outlines a continuing dispute between Councilman Lyndsay Henry and the administration of Supervisor Steve Bellone, a dispute we understand has now been resolved with the decision by Bellone to release the documentation H More...

Work in Amityville is a team effort Dear Editor:

Recently, there have been several references in letters and articles in the Amityville Record indicating that I have single-handedly fixed one or more problems in the Amityville School District. More...

In response for appeal of reader to find ancestors Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to your appeal to assist Roberta Monclava in possibly finding someone to aid her in finding her ancestors. More...


Was the the beheading of a woman in Moore, Oklahoma on Fri., Sept. 26 an act of terrorism on American soil, or an isolated incident involving a mentally deranged individual acting alone?

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