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January 9, 2002 RSS feed / Opinion

Continue to fly the flag proudly

Already, we see a reduction in the number of American flags being flown in our communities. Part of that has to do, we believe, with the holiday decorations, but as they will be coming down, we would urge that the flags go back up. More...

Dashel Democrats are holding up propserity for poltiical gain Dear Editor:

I am ashamed of our Senate Democrats. They seem to be playing games with the economy for the benefit of their political party, and are not working for the benefit of all the people. More...

September 11th added to an already unhealthy economy

November 2001 employment statistics released by the New York State Department of Labor show the continuing impact of September 11th on the economy and jobs, particularly in New York City. More...

A Slam Dunk for Amityville

Congratulations to the Amityville High School Basketball team for winning the state championship. More...


Do you expect to spend more this holiday season than you did last year?

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