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October 3, 2001 RSS feed / Opinion

Let’s deal with the hard realities

Even before the horrific dust settled on the World Trade Center, the theorists were out in force in the newspapers, on television, in the streets, on the phone and, of course on the web. More...

Reader appreciates editorial lauding sacrifices of WWII veterans Dear Editor:

You are to be commended for your editorial (September 19th) in which you recognized our World War II veterans and heroes (my generation) who quietly and unnoticed brought our country and lives to what we are today. More...

MTA plan for Rail Road parking lot in Copiague unwelcome Dear Editor:

The folks in the Friendly Village must be overjoyed with the possibility of acquiring bayfront property on Unqua Place (Record, September 2) as part of an open land program. More...

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