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September 26, 2001 RSS feed / Opinion

Struggling through disaster , together

Like so many people, all kinds of thoughts continue to run through our minds as we work through the tragedy of September 11. We move from fear to anger to depression and back to fear and anger again and we try to make sense out of the senseless. More...

Let there be peace on earth Dear Editor:

On September 11, I like the rest of the world was stunned by the current events. I wanted to put some normalcy in my life and thought a ride to Gilgo would help. I was not alone. There were many people on the beach. More...

We can look to God for wisdom, answers Dear Editor:

We are still reeling from shock. Despite our sophisticated technology, the activities of the FBI, CIA and other agencies, our nation has been terribly wounded. More...

A search to understand the incomprehensible

Every morning I drive over the Great South Bay bridge, cross the State Boat Channel Bascule Bridge and head west along Ocean Parkway towards Meadowbrook and eventually JFK Airport. More...


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