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Amityville and North Amityville, NY 11701

Amityville and North Amityville, NY 11701

Youngsters play on a warm summer day in North Amityville

The Amityville community consists of the Incorporated Village of Amityville and the hamlet of North Amityville. Both are made up of more than 23,000 residents.

The Village of Amityville is 3.69 square miles in size. One of Amityville’s points of interest is the Triangle area, which was dubbed "the Village centerpiece" by Amityville History Revisited, a book written by William Lauder. Some other locations include Saint Mary’s Church, the old Library Building, Losi’s Corner, and the turn-of-the-century Park North School.

The Village has an active Historical Society, housed at the Triange in the center of the Village. It maintains a museum, and compiles historical and vital information about the area. It also hosts several events a year, including tours, a winter holiday celebration and spring Heritage Fair. The community is also home to Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis club’s, which conduct events and fundraisers throughout the year for community projects and charitable causes.

The Village at one time was a summer community for many vacationing residents, but has grown, first to a year-round bedroom community to New York City and then into a community of residents, most of whom live and work on Long Island. It is known for its boating along the Great South Bay and its nautical theme.

Amityville Gazebo

One of the strongest features of the community is its Police Department, made up of officers, most of whom live and work in the Village.

From the turn-of-the-century to the mid 1900s, the area has several fashionable hotels that drew visitors to Amityville.

Celebrities like Annie Oakley and 1928 Presidential candidate Alfred E. Smith made Amityville their summer playground. Others, like actors Brian Dennehy and Ernest Truex and Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley, lived in the village year-round at some time. Also, Hazel Dawn, who starred in the play The Pink Lady, spent time living in Amityville. In the first couple of decades of the 20th Century, Vaudeville star Fred Stone and Will Rogers resided in the village for short periods of time. Author and Newsday columnist Ed Lowe lives in Amityville, while NASA astronaut Kevin Kregel grew up there in an area of Amityville now called East Massapequa.

The hamlet of North Amityville was originally home to many of the service providers of the early estates, farms and hotels in Amityville proper. Gradually, these workers moved permanently to the area and began to raise their families and establish their own community life there.

Amityville, a community of turn-of-the-century
and Victorian homes that say "you're welcome"

North Amityville is home to many churches, which serve the spiritual, cultural and economic needs of the community. It has an active chapter of the NAACP and It many active civic organizations. A center for youth and senior citizen programs, parks and a newly constructed business district along Albany Avenue and Great Neck Road make up the community of North Amityville.

Both Amityville Village and North Amityville are served by the Amityville School District, which has a library, and is well known for its award-winning athletic teams.

Fishing off the Amityville Pier
Amityville Village Beach, a favorite summer spot
for Village residents.

A newly renovated business district for North Amityville includes a bank, police services, a full-service pharmacy and a day-care center.

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