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The Suffolk County Police Department’s First Precinct and other local fire and law enforcement agencies report the following incidents:


North Amityville: On Jan. 16 at about 11:30 a.m. police received a report that a safe was taken from a 44th Street home. Police listed the incident as grand larceny rather than a burglary


North Amityville: Someone swiped a cell phone from a Penndale Drive store Jan. 16. Police were called at 10 p.m.


Copiague: Police responded to an unspecified domestic incident at a Dixon Avenue home Jan. 14. The situation was calmed. No arrests were reported, nor were any further details available.


DWI: The following persons have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated or impaired: James Schlee, 55, of 36 Yacht Cove Road, Babylon Village;

Robbery: Anthony Gomgiella, 47, of 25 Crystal Beach Blvd., Moriches; Michael Novak, 25, homeless (also charged with one count of burglary); Shabril Maxwell, 20, of 132 Smith St., North Amityville (also charged with one count of grand larceny);

Grand Larceny: Steven Glover, 26, of 165 North 26th St., Wheatley Heights (charged with additional counts of grand larceny, credit card theft and fraud); Sierra Green, 20, of 1653 Straight Path, Wyandanch (charged with numerous counts of grand larceny, credit card theft and fraud); Inesha Stephen, 23, of 91 Wyman Ave., Huntington Station;

Burglary: Shawn Shaver, 32, of 32 Orange St., Central Islip;

Petit Larceny: Nyria Capers, 37, of 70 Centerwood, North Babylon (three counts); Kerry Mindich, 57, of 85 Wilson Ave., Amityville (charged with three counts); Alison McNally, 49, of 11 Juliet La., Northport; Paul Kuehl, 44, of 437 Reade Ave., Lindenhurst.

The charges against those arrested are allegations, and the cases are still pending in the courts. Individuals charged and whose names appear in this column may submit documentation to us at a later date that the charges have been dismissed or that they have been found innocent and we will include that information in this space in a timely manner.

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