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The following incidents have been reported by the Amityville Police Department and Suffolk County Police Departments and other fire and law enforcement agencies.


Amityville: Police were called Feb. 9 after it was discovered that someone had broken into a Broadway medical office and stole a laptop computer. The theft appears to have taken place Feb. 6, sometime before 5 p.m.

•A laptop computer was stolen during a break-in at a Washington Avenue home. The break-in and theft took place Feb. 12. Police reported that it occurred sometime before 7:45 p.m.

Copiague: Police reported that an unknown person broke into a foreclosed house on North Emerson Avenue sometime before 9:20 a.m. on Feb. 11 and stole an unspecified amount of copper piping.


Copiague: Someone drove off in a 2007 Toyota Camry parked on Kenmore Avenue Feb. 8. Police stated that the theft took place sometime before 10 a.m.

North Amityville: On Feb. 8 sometime prior to 8 p.m. someone stole a 2006 Toyota parked on 44th Street.


DWI: The following persons have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated or impaired: Paul Jackson, 52, of 86 Mikia Dr., Islip; Carlos Cruz, 38, of 28 Johnson St., North Amityville; Jezbell Segui, 26, of 17 Forest Ave., Centereach; Angelique Valdez, 20, of 110 Midway St., Babylon; Paul H. Jacobs, 25, Brefni St., North Amityville; Marion Baldwin, 55, Broadway, Amityville; Lena Azhar Elfawal, 20, of Richard St., Farmingdale (also charged with unlawful possession of marijuana); Rodolfo E. Barraza, 47, of 11 St., Richmond Hills (also charged with aggravated DWI); Tony Adames, 28, of Verrazano Ave., Copiague (drugs); Sam Puglisi, 57, of S. 8 St., Lindenhurst (also charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance);

Grand Larceny: John Quinn, 33, of 240 Riviera Pkwy., Lindenhurst (also charged with possession of a weapon and offering a false instrument); Michael V. Dellasperanzo, 30, of Old Farmingdale Rd., West Babylon; Keith P. Tomczyk, 39 of Soloff Rd., Massapequa (aggravated); Jose S. Yanes, 47, of Cedar Rd., Amityville; Alicia M. Smith, 25, of Delaware Pl., Hempstead; Samar Espinal, 20, of Great Neck Rd., North Amityville;

Assault: Dana S. Glatman, 25, of South Bay Ave., Amityville (also charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing);

Petit Larceny: Rachel MacMillan, 20, of 327 East Shore Dr., Copiague; Marianne Robotsis, 53, of Central Ave., Amityville.

The charges against those arrested are allegations, and the cases are still pending in the courts. Individuals charged and whose names appear in this column may submit documentation to us at a later date that the charges have been dismissed or that they have been found innocent and we will include that information in this space in a timely manner.

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