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Audit Finds Amityville Village Court in compliance with law

by Damian Geminder

An audit of the books and records of the Amityville Village Justice Court showed that the court is in compliance with is fiscal responsibilities as outlined in the Handbook for Village Justices and Court Clerks, according to the Village’s internal accountants, Skinnon and Faber of Islandia.

The review covered the period from December 2010 to October 2011.

The Village is required to annually provide their court records and dockets to their respective town and village auditing boards for examination.

Court activity for 2011 showed that the Village court collected $47,995 in fines for parking tickets. It processed 114 vehicle and traffic tickets, which included 18 DWIs.

Twenty six criminal charges were processed with a total collected for the year of $335,452.

In addition, the court issued 71 Orders of Protection for the year, 42 percent higher than the average yearly total issued each year.

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