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Copiague, NY 11726

Copiague, NY 11726

Many older homes in Copiague have been redone and say "you're welcome" in grand style.

Copiague, a hamlet in the Town of Babylon, lying on Long Island’s south shore, is called home to approximately 20,000 residents who represent a culturally-diversified population.

The hamlet’s main point of interest is Tanner Park, which includes a beach on the Great South Bay, a cultural building with a senior citizen center, baseball and soccer fields and a boat marina.

The community is joined together, primarily by its school district. It has a library and a number of civic and fraternal organizations that conduct fundraisers every year for community and charitable causes. A newly formed beautification society has worked to improve the area and has been active in bringing together the Copiague community for a number of annual events.

Within Copiague are two neighborhoods, Copiague Harbor and Amity Harbor, Amity Harbor shares the Amityville zip code of 11701, while the area is part of the Copiague School District.

Zebulon Ketcham, one of Long Island’s most noted Revolutionary patriots, lived in the community in the 18th Century. A stone marker located on the corner of Deauville Boulevard and Merrick Road indicates where the Ketcham Inn once stood. Starting in 1912, Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the wireless telegraph, spent many of his summers in Copiague.

Tanner Park, in the heart of Copiague, offers a senior citizen center, beautiful, sandy beaches on the Bay, biking paths, ballfields and more.

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